Oh, we are dancers who love bring experience to people. We love smiling, embracing and dancing. Yes, embracing is very important. This is why we created the Vem Vem Shop. Our pieces are designed to embrace you and follow your swing wherever you go. Our pieces are a mixture of Brazil and Switzerland. Produced in Brazil, they live in Weggis until arriving directly in your arms. They are designed and built on Brazilian beats and grow with all the necessary care with Swiss quality and comfort.
Our products are made in Brazil, with lots of love for you. We use Brazilian tissue, expressed by its colors and stamps. We take care of every detail, which is very important to us. The personal relationship is the most important thing to us, which is sensational. Every piece leaving the Vem Vem Shop is created within this colorful ambience and arrives nearly dancing in Europe.
Exclusivity, this is it! Exclusivity is one of the most important things to us. We feature three types of pieces. (A piece for us means one cut with one specific stamp.)
• The Trendy adores acting like a queen being surrounded by vibrant beats (+50 pieces)
• The Edition dances, first a bit shy, turns into a swan-like ballerina (max 25 pieces)
• The Exclusive appears with that certain something (max 10 pieces)
It is as you are thinking: When you acquire a piece from Vem Vem Shop, you know how many people from the family exist in the world, is this not genius?
Comfort and quality Attitude from people Art and Human capital for solving problems Respect for diversity Respect for humans Culture as a seed of humanity Creative economy to social and digital inclusion Be Nice for no return We believe in you... You make a difference to us
We give you comfort, exclusivity and brazilness accompanying you to any place, even dancing.
We do not dress dancers, we create attitude.


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