Dance is an invitation to life, an invitation to the cycle of borning and dying in every single movement. 

Because of that, 4 years ago, when I was in Brazil and had my first dream about do something for women, inside me I knew it had to be related to dance, actually to Forró. After all, I Live to Dance Forró! I'm simply in love with the rhythm, movements, culture and social strength of this multicultural rhythm. So Brazilian and yet so global. 

Yes, it is a worldwide dance! After all, here in Europe we have several festivals to live, celebrate and enjoy Forró! It was working at Forró Vem Vem, a non-profit cooperative dedicated to spread that dance around the world, that I realized how much this movement still doesn't value women.

The idea of Vem Vem Shop was born:

a company that would bring to ALL the freedom to create on the dancefloor, without muddle, or hiding, their movements for fear of being objectified.

So, I started researching fabrics, what would be the best fabric to bring comfort and safety during the dance? Fabrics that perspire well, do not mark and are at the same time fluid. I went on to modeling, creating models of shirts and dresses that value the movement of women, but don't expose them, if they don't want to. 

The dream grew, took shape and today Vem Vem Shop it’s made by me, but to a collective of dedicated women to work more and better. Beyond the dancefloor, we reached streets, gyms and parties.
Our outfits still have the same stands: Bring LIGHTNESS, CONFORT AND BEAUTY to those wearing then. 

And we went further than aesthetics, the more we studied, more we understood the need to invest and bring to the highlight a conscious sustainable fashion. We are aware that we still have a long way ahead of us, afterall we are a small buseness with great plans. But we need to grow to achieve certain technologies. Nevertheless we have a strong  sense of care with the production chain of our pieces, because we are awere that they are produced by PEOPLE. People that deserve to live with the same grace and lightness that we put in our outfits. That’s why we choose the slow fashion model. 


You won’t see 56 annual collections around here, after all, is not increasingly consuming clothes that ensures your expressive individuality, but pick carefully THAT look that not only represent you but embraces you.

Our mission

is propose through quality outfits LIGHTNESS, CONFORT AND BEAUTY in every best experience of your life.

We have the purpose to inspire our community to engage to many cultures, giving your best to the perpetuation of the history of those who came before us. 

We look to spread though-provoking questions in as many people as possible about how we neglected our planet, e consequentially, of the future generations. 

We want change! A better world for us all, with more access, inclusion and acceptance.   

  • There is nothing better than a hug to cure and connect

  • Comfort and quality are crucial

  • Respect to diversity is the same as selfrespect

  • Culture is the seed of humanity

  • Sustainability is the key

  • Be gentle without expecting anything in return

  • Sowing culture

  • Take your own time

  • You make the difference to us

  • Creative economy to social and digital inclusion

  • Respect to the human and all other beings


    We are part of a generation (yes, you too) that lived the yesterday, the transiction from the analogic to the digital e saw the increasingly possibilities to make the world a better place and at the same time, the detachment of different people and their cultures.

    That’s why it’s up to us to bring this new vision:

    That all can express our way of being, with lightness, confort and our ownt beauty, recognizing in ourselves the seed of our people culture, of acceptance and inclusion.